We’re nearly completed on a contemporary garden just off Wandsworth Common, and looking forward to adding the decorative and final plant based finishing touches. The garden is wider than longer and the distance from the back of the house to the rear boundary less than 7m, and so the design has had to work in a slightly different way too many London gardens. The design focused on creating a smart terrace that includes space for comfortable seating (around a gas powered fire bowl that also doubles up as a coffee table) and outdoor eating, and includes a built-in BBQ and space to prepare and serve the food. The exit from the house into the garden is over a meter higher than the natural garden level, and so we’ve carefully designed a step arrangement that visually reduces the impact of so many steps, and also means that we can subtly separate the entertaining area from the rest of the garden, and so that space becomes more intimate and suited for the evenings. The design has worked well and we’re hoping to add some more photos as we draw towards the end of summer.